Airport Transfers for Uni-goers!

It’s that time of the year where the Universities start to finish after a intense period of exams. This normally leaves international students with a problem… “How am I going to get all of this stuff to the airport and back home?” Lucky for you, Licensed London Taxi is here!

London Airports

We are experts in the airport transfer game. All of our highly experienced drivers have had countless experiences with any airport in the UK, and know how to get you there as fast and as safe as possible.

We are sure after a stressful, yet exciting exam period, you will need to stick your feet up and rest as you travel back to your home country. Starting this journey with Licensed London Taxi is the safest and most comfortable way to do it.

Whether you’re at Oxford, Bournemouth or any other UK university, be sure to make us your first point of travel. Our wheelchair friendly cabs are suitable for high amounts of luggage, something you will be needing on a University leave!

Taxis & Travel

Here at Licensed London taxi, all of our cabs are completely wheelchair friendly, that are driven by our experienced team of drivers. The taxis are comfortable, luxurious, and are perfect for long journeys.

Getting There & Getting Home

Think three words, Licensed London Taxi. Here at Licensed London Taxi, our Mercedes Vito Taxis are fully accessible for wheelchairs, and still have room for people to join. You always know what you’re going to pay with our flat fare, which can be obtained through the enquiry page on the site. If you have any other questions on the journey, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will help in every way possible!

Travel back home in style!