BBC2 TOP GEAR SEASON FINALE: 8pm, Sunday 4 August 2013

Several weeks ago The London Taxi Company was approached and asked whether they would supply a new TX4 for a top secret Top Gear special, celebrating the best of British automotive manufacturing. Save our black cabs – saved!

The Coventry manufacturer was delighted to be approached to be part of the BBC2 motoring special, and with only a few people in the business primed, arranged to take a brand new white Elegance and a brand new black Elegance along to the shoot. And in keeping with the patriotic and celebratory feel, both vehicles were kitted out with Union Flag detail!

The team had to agree to secrecy and commit to bringing the vehicles under cover of darkness at midnight to the Mall. On arrival, the Metropolitan Police greeted the team and ushered them down the entrance to the Queen’s ‘drive’.

As well as the distinctive black cabs, great British vehicles including Thrust II, Minis, Aston Martins, JCBs and Jaguars were being lined up outside Buckingham Palace – there were even a couple of ice cream vans!
All in all, more than 150 examples of great British vehicles were parked in regimental rows, taking up the entirety of the Mall, with three Jaguars for each of the Top Gear presenters to drive through the centre strip, each with a Union Jack attached to the rear.

The filming itself culminated at around 12noon the following day, much to the bemusement
of the hundreds of pedestrians, tourists and morning joggers watching with interest from
the cordoned off pavements.

The special, which celebrates the best of British manufacturing, will air this Sunday
(4 August) on BBC2 at 8pm.

Jeremy Clarkson will road test the new Jaguar F-type, James May tries out the new Bus for London and Richard Hammond takes the new Range Rover Sport for a spin.

This epic celebration will culminate with the grand finale in front of Buckingham Palace.
Look out for the TX4, front and centre, in what is sure to be an amazing display of great British automotive design, manufacturing and heritage.

News courtesy of of Cabtradenews