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Our drivers, Mick, Tom, Tony & Paul are ‘iconic’ British cabbies and not a private hire company. We strive to give you that personal touch to your journey, ensuring you get to your destination as smooth and safely as possible. All our drivers have the in-depth ‘knowledge of London’ and can therefore navigate immediately through traffic and roadworks to all Destinations. Our vehicles are also permitted to use the London bus lanes, therefore shortening your journey time.

Note: Please be aware all our bookings need 24hrs notice! Minimum booking fee of £40.00 for transfers inside London.

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Licensed London Taxis

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31 Brondesbury Villas,
NW6 6AH,
United Kingdom

Call direct on: 0203 633 1777 or +44 (0) 7519 055 741

We will confirm your quotation and booking by e-mail.

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