‘British Disneyland’ Set for Open in 2021

You’ve probably heard the news… Britain is set to see their very own ‘Disneyland’ style theme park, opening in early 2021. It may seem a long way away, but with the buzz growing rapidly, it certainly looks like it won’t disappoint.

The Details

The theme park is expected to be one of the world’s greatest theme parks ever, and is expected to bring in around 50,000 tourists a day! It will be called The London Paramount Entertainment Resort, and will be built in Dartford, Kent. The theme park is costing around £2 billion to finish, but is expected to bring thousands of jobs, and a good level of tourism for Kent, very positive news for local businesses. The site purchased by the Kuwati European Holdings, is 388 acres of land, making it one of the largest theme parks to date worldwide. With the expected rise in population in the area, especially for tourists coming for a holiday, there is due to be a rise in the amount of hotels in the area, making holidays for tourists twice as easy, which will also include a lot more jobs available in Kent.

Taxis & Tickets

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For further information about London Paramount, you can take a look on their website, for benefits, the project itself, and a huge list of the jobs that will become available! You can also have your say on the theme park, and listen to other people’s thoughts.

The Show & Getting There

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Get planning for what is going to be one of the world’s best theme parks of all time!