Cheltenham Festival 2016

With The Cheltenham Festival looming, make sure you have your travel sorted as soon as possible!

Cheltenham races, a popular name in the horse racing scene. Events happen regularly at the course, yet the most famous, and most visited is The Cheltenham Festival, which never disappoints.

The History

Races started to take place in the Cheltenham area back in 1815. After years of the sport growing, Frederick Cathcart decided to hold the first Cheltenham Festival in the year 1911, and it still runs to this day. Newmarket was famous for it’s flat race tracks, so Cathcart decided that The Cheltenham Festival would be known for it’s edgy and jump heavy tracks. Heavy rain ruined the first Cheltenham Festival, yet that wasn’t enough to stop the crowd enjoying themselves, as the 2 days still carried out as planned, and proved a good first experience! With countless exceptional race days and festivals since, Cheltenham has achieved a great name for itself and is referred to as one of the best race days out in the whole of the UK.  You certainly won’t want to miss out this year, as the entertainment is set to be in full swing!

How Can We Help You?

If you’re interested in attending The Cheltenham Festival and want to see high quality racing, then take a look at The Cheltenham festival website here. Tickets can be purchased on the site, and further information on the event can be found on their Twitter Page. After deciding on what days you wish to visit, you can give us a call on 07519 055 741, or use the booking form on the site.We’re always available for a chat, and reply to any quote as fast as we can. If you’re wondering about pricing or have any questions, we’d be happy to have a chat on the number above. What are you waiting for? Experience one of the best race days out available in the UK!