Cruising Through 2016

2016 is a very exciting year for anyone who enjoys cruising, and an even greater year for people wanting to try their first one!

The New Ships

2016 is showing huge promise for cruise ships, with a new largest ship setting sail, and many other luxury boats showing their amazing features at sea. Whether you’re a family, a couple, or maybe just looking to see the world solo, cruise holidays really do have something for everyone. What are the best ships to try this year? Here are a few we recommend:

    • Harmony of the Seas

The huge ship made by Royal Caribbean holds over 6,600 passengers, and has a 100 foot water slide! The Harmony also has a ‘bionic bar’, which is controlled by robot bar men. The Harmony of the Seas sets sail twice in May from Southampton, and will then relocate to Barcelona for the summer.

    • Carnival Vista

Carnival ships are renowned for their family cruises, and their new ship The Carnival Vista, is a prime example of that. The ship holds just under 4,000 passengers, and if you need to chill out after riding the 800 foot bike track, go and watch a film at the first IMAX cinema at sea! The ship sails through the Mediterranean from May to October.

    • Ovation of the Seas

Back to Royal Caribbean with another new ship! The Ovation of the Seas holds just over 4,000 passengers, and is perfect for anyone leading an active lifestyle. The on ship ice rink, skydiving simulator, and north star pod which hangs 300ft above sea level, give you the thrills you enjoy at home, but at sea! Why not see the world, and get active along the way! The Ovation sets sail in April from Southampton to France and Belgium.

How Can We Get To Port?

If you’re interested in the cruising, and want to see what these ships really have to offer, take a look at The Royal Caribbean website here. After deciding on when and where you are setting sail from, you can give us a call on 07519 055 741, or use the booking form on the site, as we can drive to all UK cruise ports in our Mercedes Vito Taxis! We’re always available for a chat, and reply to any quote as fast as we can. If you’re wondering about pricing or have any questions, we’d be happy to have a chat on the number above. What are you waiting for? See the world and have fun along the way while cruising!