Designer Outlet Shopping in The UK!

Forget Black Friday…. We have bargains all year round! This week we are talking about the best designer shopping outlets in the UK!

What’s our Top 5?

We love a good bargain, and quite frankly, so does everyone else! We often get asked “what’s the best outlet in the UK”, so this week we’ve decided to answer it. We couldn’t quite just pick one so we’ve picked our top 5 as they all offer different things.

We’ve included a link to each of the above outlets so you can go and check out the shops and what you’re going to have to eat on the day! Christmas is just around the corner, so grabbing your presents at any one of these fantastic outlets will certainly get you a lot more for your money.

Taxis & Travel

Here at Licensed London taxi, all of our cabs are completely wheelchair friendly, that are driven by our experienced team of drivers. The taxis are comfortable, luxurious, and are perfect for long journeys. After a long day shopping, our cabs will certainly be a sight for sore eyes!

Forget about finding a parking spot, and paying a parking fee, Licensed London Taxi will save you the hassle and drop you straight to the door while we await in the outlet. When you have finished your shopping, and have quite frankly seen enough deals for one day, we will pick you up, and take you home with ease.


The Park, Getting There & Getting Home

With Christmas coming, it may be time for a new wardrobe… We don’t think you can beat the deals you can get at any of the above outlets! If you are wondering how you will be getting to any of the outlets, and how much it will cost from wherever you live, think three words, Licensed London Taxi. Here at Licensed London Taxi, our Mercedes Vito Taxis are fully accessible for wheelchairs, and still have room for people to join. You always know what you’re going to pay with our flat fare, which can be obtained through the enquiry page on the site. If you have any other questions on the park, or the journey, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will help in every way possible!

Spoil your friends, family, and most importantly yourself this Christmas!