January Sales Shopping Trips

January. The first month of the new year. A happy time for some, but a stressful time for others.

Gym memberships going through the roof to burn off the Christmas dinner, and the realisation that the holiday is over, and back to reality at work. Although, there is always one positive when coming into the new year, not the resolution you’ve been waiting to accomplish for the last three years, but the January sales! 

Although the sales normally start on Boxing Day, the month of January flourishes with deals that are sometimes too hard to walk away from. Everyone loves a deal, and grabbing big brands at small prices always puts a smile on someone’s face, even at the start of January! Lucky for you, You’re in one of the best cities in the world to shop… London! With 100’s of Designer brands, and huge names across town, it really is a great place to find yourself a bargain.  

Bicester Village

Fancy a change from London? Have you heard of Bicester Village before? If the answer is yes, you’ll know what a great place it is to shop, and treat yourself on a day out. Luxury brands cover the village from head to toe, including names like Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and many more. If you’ve heard of Bicester Village, and are familiar with us, you’ll also know that we provide travel to and from Bicester Village, all year round. We offer a pick up and wait service. Collecting you and your party anywhere in Central London, driving you to Bicester Village, and let you have a full day shop until 3pm, while we wait to pick up, and take you, and you’re new purchases home. Prices and further details can be found here.

Get Booked

If you fancy a shopping trip to the famous city of London, or the luxury Bicester Village, or just want to find out a little more, all you have to do is give us a call on 07519 055 741, or submit a form on our enquiry page. Everyone loves a bargain, so grab yours today and book your trip with Licensed London Taxi!