Let the Taxi Take the Strain

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know that this week’s blog is talking about the Gatwick Express over the Christmas period.

From the 24th of Decmeber, running through to the 4th of January, there will be no Gatwick express service active due to major rail improvement work. In other words, it’s going to get a lot harder travelling to and from Gatwick over the holidays, which is a worrying thought if you’ve got a nice break planned over Christmas! 

Alternate Routes

There is a slow train running from Victoria via Horsham, which we consider will be extremely busy, and a struggle if travelling with suitcases, or wheelchair/prams. Travelling this way can also be a pain when you’re in large group, with children, or elders. 

There are a few other alternate routes, which result in a bus change from the train to airport. You can travel to Victoria, from there get a train to East Grinstead (two trains per hour), and then hop on a replacement bus service to Gatwick Airport. Once again this journey is not suited to those with heavy luggage, and those in wheelchairs.

Is My Holiday Ruined?

I know what you’re thinking… Is my Christmas ski break ruined?! How am I going to travel with all of this luggage?! How is my brother going to board a busy train or a bus in his wheelchair?! Well, we can answer all of those questions in three simple words, Licensed London Taxi. Here at Licensed London Taxi, our Mercedes Vito Taxis are fully accessible for wheelchair, and large amounts of luggage. You always know what you’re going to pay with our flat fare, which can be obtained through the enquiry page on the site. 

Traveling with disrupted time tables, and train changes can be a pain, and a pain you don’t need over Christmas. So give us a call on 07519 055 741, and get your travel booked for Gatwick across the holiday season!