The London Motor Show Transport

Described as ‘The motoring event of the year’, The London Motor Show never disappoints, and this year is certainly not going to be an exception.

What’s The London Motor Show?

Pretty self-explanatory, we know, but the event homes some of the finest exhibitors in the world for them to show off their new cars & models. Whether it’s a family car for 5, or that luxury sports car you’ve been looking to buy for the last couple of years, they’ll have it! Jeep, Mazda, Dodge, Fiat, Vauxhall, BMW, VW and so many other car brands will be hoping to grab your attention with their latest and greatest inventions. With historic vehicles & celebrity racing legends wondering around the event, this is the chance to let your passion for motors be noticed!

Taxis & Travel

Here at Licensed London taxi, all of our cabs are completely wheelchair friendly, that are driven by our experienced team of drivers. The taxis are comfortable, luxurious, and are perfect for long journeys. After a long day, our cabs will certainly be a sight for sore eyes!

From the 4th-7th of May, The Excel Center should be the only place you should be in London!

The Show, Getting There & Getting Home

Think three words, Licensed London Taxi. Here at Licensed London Taxi, our Mercedes Vito Taxis are fully accessible for wheelchairs, and still have room for people to join. You always know what you’re going to pay with our flat fare, which can be obtained through the enquiry page on the site. If you have any other questions on the event, or the journey, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will help in every way possible!

Find your new perfect motor!