The National Gallery Presents: Picasso Portraits

Are you a fan of art? More importantly, are you a fan of Picasso? Well, if you are, you need to make sure you are at London’s very own National Gallery at any time between Thursday October 6th 2016 – Sunday February 5th 2017.

Picasso Portraits

Pablo Picasso, one of the world’s greatest artists to ever put a brush to a canvas. The Spanish artist spent most of his adult life in France, and passed away there in 1973 at the age of 91. On display at the National Gallery in Leicester Square in this 5 month period, you can expect to see some of his most famous portrait pieces including:

  • Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler
  • Guillaume Apollinaire
  • Self Portraits
  • Nusch Eluard
  • Woman in a hat

Some of these pieces have never been seen before in the UK, so it is a huge moment in the history of art.

Who’s Attending?

Art & Picasso lovers from all over the globe are expected to be in London for this huge event. If you are one of these people travelling in from another country, or you know someone that is, be sure to use Licensed London Taxi for a safe, comfy, and efficient journey from the airport to your hotel or even straight to the gallery if you’re anxious enough! We can’t stress enough that being at this exhibition at some point in it’s stay will become a piece of artistic history. Make sure you’re there!

How Can We Help You?

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