Never get into an unbooked minicab, not even if…

  • You’re approached by a driver on the street
  • It’s offered to you by someone with a high vis jacket and clipboard
  • The minicabs are lined up outside a pub or a club as they are still breaking the law if they accept your fare directly without a booking (i.e. by phone) being made legally through a licensed minicab operator
  • You’ve flagged it down
  • The driver says his booked passenger hasn’t turned up
  • You get in with a group of friends

Do not get in an unbooked minicab. It’s illegal, dangerous and puts you at risk of attack including sexual assault and robbery.

Don’t risk taking an unbooked minicab

Always use a booked and licensed minicab, taxi, Night bus or the Tube to get home.

You can also use our Taxis and minicabs service to get phone numbers for licensed minicab and private hire operators.