Stonehenge Summer Solstice Travel

Stonehenge, a place of wonder and beauty. The site produces wonderful views, and memorable moments all year, but is just that bit more magical in the sun. This is definitely the case during the Stonehenge Summer Solstice festival happening this year on the 18th-21st of June.

Details & The History

This year on the 18th-21st of June, the 8th annual Summer Solstice Festival will take place at the Stonehenge campsite. The sun will rise on the 21st of June at around 4:15AM, making it the  the ‘longest’ day of the year. with 4 days of camping, a huge a-ray of food, a variety of different beers & ciders, all combined by magical views, and lovely weather, this really is a festival that you need to be adding to your calendar! This is the closest site available to Stonehenge itself, a short scenic walk of 3 miles separates your tents with the magical monument. The site is extremely friendly, and just as safe, with security active 24 hours around the clock. Anyone is welcome, and there is a huge list of things to do besides viewing one of Britain’s most iconic landscapes.

Taxis & Tickets

Here at Licensed London taxi, all of our cabs are completely wheelchair friendly, that are driven by our experienced team of drivers. The experience our drivers have is including driving disabled passengers, taking extra care when helping the customer in, and out of the taxi. The Stonehenge Summer Solstice is an excellent memory to have, and a great experience for you, friends, or family.

For further information about The Stonehenge Summer Solstice and any questions you may have, you can visit their website here. Communal campfires, special events, and a campsite filled with exceptional facilities and amazing views, it’s a must visit!

The Show & Getting There

If you are desperate to see Stonehenge, then this festival is the perfect time to visit, as you are guaranteed an amazing experience! If you are wondering how you are going to get to the event, get home, or travel with disabled partakers… Three words, Licensed London Taxi. Here at Licensed London Taxi, our Mercedes Vito Taxis are fully accessible for wheelchairs, and still have room for people to join. You always know what you’re going to pay with our flat fare, which can be obtained through the enquiry page on the site. Get in touch today!

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