The Other Stonehenge

This week, we thought we’d tell you about what we like to call ‘The other Stonehenge’. This is something you can either add to your Stonehenge tour or make a day of it.

What’s The Other Stonehenge?

The other Stonehenge is in the village of Avebury in Wiltshire. This world famous stone circle is another wonder of history, just like Stonehenge. The site is over 4000 years old and promises a history lesson like no other. With beautiful gardens, fantastic walks and a brilliant museum all at your please, this really is a great day out for the family.

Different events are scattered across the calendar for Avebury and there is always so much to do. If you want to see what the event is on a certain day, check out the website link here.

Make a Day of it!

If you didn’t know already, Salisbury isn’t far at all from the historic village of Avebury. Salisbury is also home to one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in England. If you don’t believe us, check this out.

The Red Lion pub in Avebury is also a place to tick off the to-do list. Notorious for it’s well in the middle of the bar, it’s definitely the pub to go in Avebury! Fun Fact: The Red Lion is the most popular name for a pub in the UK! Check it out here.

Taxis & Travel

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Avebury, Getting There & Getting Home

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Learn the history of ‘the other Stonehenge!