What to do on Halloween 2016

Halloween, a time of year that pushes you out of the Summer/autumn season, and into the winter. Everyone loved a good trick or treat when they were younger, but what do you do when you come to the age where all of that goes out of the window? Well, we’re here to give you some ideas.

We’ve picked our top 3 ideas for you guys to do this halloween. Some are in London, and some are out, so take time in deciding what’s best for you, but you can be sure to count on us for transport!

Thorpe Park Fright Night

In the month of October, Thorpe Park will hold their famous ‘fright night’ events in the number one UK theme park. With thriller live mazes, new rides and rides that stay open into the dark hours, this is a must visit for all of you thrill seekers in the UK! Tickets are available here, and are running out fast, so make sure you grab your’s now while you can. For more information on Thorpe Park, you can visit the page on our website based solely on the land of thrill & adventure!

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens Fire Festival

This festival has amazing reviews every year, and is a must go-to event if you are based in the London area. In south London on the 29th of October, an ancient greek style fire display will light up pleasure gardens in Vauxhall for all to see. Fireworks will fly, and this is accessible for all for a grand price of… Nothing! More information on the fire festival can be found here.

Halloween Theatre Shows in London

Love theatre? Then this is the place you want to be this halloween weekend. With the classic horror shows coming to stages all around London, you can be sure to catch a fright of any of these shows; The Woman in Black, The Society of the Strange, Days of the Dead, The House of Usher, Lunatic, and many more! IF you would be interested in grabbing tickets to any of the above shows, click here for more information.

How Can We Help You?

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